Do you love the Law of Attraction but you're still living a MEDIOCRE Life? 




Season 2 - ABUNDANCE Bootcamp
3-Week Intensive Set To Begin Spring 2019.
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Who can you become in 21 days?

If you've been feeling the nudge to step-it-up in your life, my ABUNDANCE Bootcamp 3-Week Intensive will bring it all together for you!

Learn to let go, create space, and shift from resistance to RECEPTIVITY!


"My heart is full... "

Season 1 Alumni

"So many wins these 3 weeks. It's been amazing!"

Season 1 Alumni

"I can move forward and create the life I dreamed. "

Season 1 Alumni

"I'm awe struck at how far I've come in so little time!"

Season 1 Alumni

"I can really feel the energy shift and I am loving it!"

Season 1 Alumni

"Extremely valuable in re-focusing the strategic goals which were created during this 21 day intensive. I have applied my new skill sets, flomentum, and heightened vibration obtained in this brief, yet powerful time. Maria Flynn and the entire group were genuine and supportive. This course is hugely beneficial, delivering a very good ROI. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to refocus, kick start, rejuvenate, or get out of a "funk to get to freedom"! I am ready to sign up for the Bootcamp, lead by Maria Flynn, and the powerful individuals which she attracts!! A fresh flowmentum has begun!!! Thank you Maria and the entire group!"

Season 1 Alumni

21-Day Sadhana

No fluff.  No fillers.  Only a real and practical approach to a Sadhana designed by Maria.  For 21 days take a transformational journey that will move you from resistance to RECEPTIVITY.


Learn the science to empower your mindset!  When YOU know better, you can DO better.  Level up your life with direction that's CLEAR and CONCISE so that you shift from chasing to ATTRACTING.

Sacred Thrumbprint

Everything is energy and energy is EVERYTHING!  We'll dive into spirituality and what it means in your everyday life.  This will include an energy experience (and release) that will help you FEEL and MOVE energy in the direction YOU desire.


Time is infinite, but your time here is not.  In my 3-Week Intensive, I'll share SPECIFICALLY what it takes to build your energetic potency and welcome more MAGIC in your life.

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Season 2 set to begin Spring 2019


WELCOME SOUL SISTERS and BROTHERS!  I'm Maria Flynn, the Founder and creator of ABUNDANCE Bootcamp 3-Week intensive.  The next 21 days of my signature and transformational program will include a Sadhana, Masterclasses, homework, Spiritual and energetic awakening exercises, a closed Facebook group, discussion, and Q/A answering all of your juicy questions about anything including energy, Law of Attraction, spirituality, and more...

We'll meet 3X a week (LIVE) in my closed Facebook group and you'll have access to everything so you can watch replays, get your downloads, and more!

Season 2 Starts Spring 2019!!

By the time you complete this journey, you'll feel EMPOWERED as you make 2019 YOUR BEST YEAR YET!

Bring your brave and let's do it TOGETHER!


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