MOJO Mastery Monthly Coaching

Learn how to live with the RHYTHM and FLOW of the Universe.

Know when to push forward and when to pull back with ease and grace continuously creating the life you LOVE and DESERVE

Are you ready to live an EMPOWERED LIFE?

Join Us LIVE Online Every 2nd Monday Each Month!

It's Your Turn To Live An EMPOWERED LIFE!

MOJO Benefit #1

Personal development WITHOUT the fluff. Want some personal development insights to help you break through to the next level? Then Maria and Lauren's real talk about real life will definitely be the motivation you need to get there. We combine high level coaching with intuitive guidance giving you access to everything helping you create the life you love and deserve!

MOJO Benefit #2

Your personal tribe to empower you. Maria and Lauren won't let you forget what it takes to stay engaged, motivated and inspired. We love our family and friends...but sometimes a tribe dedicated to EMPOWERING you is exactly what you need in your ear to level up your life! Our closed, members only Facebook Group is an amazing injection of loving truth, honor and support (no matter what is happening in your life).

MOJO Benefit #3

LIVE Masterclass monthly PLUS Q&A each month with Maria and Lauren.  Every month, you'll have access to a live webinar training with Maria and Lauren followed by a Q&A session. And if you can't make the live webinar, no worries! The LIVE webinar recordings will be available for you. PLUS, we'll join you LIVE in our closed, members only Facebook Group in between masterclasses to answer more of your questions along the way.

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Together We'll Dive Deep With Wisdom, Experience, Strategies, Tips, Tools, Motivation, and Inspiration...

LIVE Online Each Month!

Teaching, training, and sharing deep experience about how to overcome struggle, experience more wins, and deepen relationships with a combination of Elite High Performance Coaching, Energy Work, Spirituality, and Intuition.

  • Answering your question after each Master Class!
  • Includes a membership area for you to watch replays of each class session as often as you like!
  • Private Facebook Group for additional support, connection, more Q/A and a monthly intuitive card reading (just for the Mojo Tribe)


Unlike any other coaching you've ever experienced, Maria and Lauren will teach a Masterclass every month dedicated to support your own GROWTH to experience more ABUNDANCE in all areas of life.


It's time for you to give yourself permission to rise and live a deeper more meaningful life. The Universe has been nudging you long enough. We know this!! You know this!! Now... What are you going to do about it?

"I went to Maria Flynn and Lauren Jawno of Mojo Mastery for coaching on next steps in a major business transition. Their coaching was focused and on point, and gave me clarity on several issues. They also provided practical tips on overcoming scheduling obstacles I encountered. Their unique combination of high-performance coaching and intuitive guidance is a perfect fit for me and my business. I can’t recommend Maria, Lauren, and Mojo Mastery highly enough!"

Jack V. Johnson
Mojo Member

"Maria and Lauren are a wonderful team—and your skills complement each other brilliantly!"

Randi Trochtenberg
Mojo Member

"I LOVE MOJO MASTERY The best investment I ever made in myself! Thank you Maria and Lauren"

Tiffany Reed
Mojo Member

"Working with Maria Flynn & Lauren Jawno thru their program Mojo Mastery is a total game changer. I appreciate their no-nonsense approach to self-development and growth while bringing in the spiritual element to move you forward. They are supportive, but will also give you that gentle kick in the pants when you need it. I’ve been a part of the program from the beginning, and I always walk away with loads to ponder and new ideas of things to implement in my life to make it better. Thank you Maria & Lauren!"

Angie Triplett
Mojo Member

"Joining Mojo Mastery has been one of the best decisions I made this year. The monthly classes conducted by Maria Flynn and Lauren Jawno have truly added depth and richness to my personal growth. I am continuously in awe at the high level of coaching offered by both of them. Understanding how energy works and learning strategies for living has made a huge impact and difference in my life. Not only do I appreciate their knowledge, wisdom, and expertise, but also the genuine love and support for their members in both the master classes and in the private group. This work has been invaluable to me, and I can’t imagine not having both these teachers in my life. I am in for the long term!"

Estella Munoz
Mojo Member

"Masters at identifying and recognizing human potential, Lauren brings her high performance coach abilities and Maria brings inspiring, motivational and life-changing mentorship to each member of this very special tribe. A game-changer for me that I will always be grateful for the opportunities given. Mojo Mastery members support each like no group I've ever seen. So glad that I found you all!"

Deanna Hall Wheeler
Mojo Member