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Funk To Freedom: The Healing, The Discovery, and the Freedom To Live Life the Way You Choose

Maria Flynn's most popular ebook, downloaded over 3000 times has sprouted an online community of people around the globe looking to create a thriving life with other growth-minded and empowering tribe members.

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Hi! My name is Maria and I'm the writer of Funk To FREEDOM!

Originally from Maryland, I now reside in Delaware completely invested in finding ways to interrupt your day to get you thinking so that you stop numbing out on Social Media and get you investing in your life—creating it—loving it. It's time to heal from your challenges so that you can rise up, live empowered, and give back to the world. Because, let's face it, the world needs you AWAKE now more than ever.

Funk to FREEDOM is my #1 download and I'm grateful so many are finding answers about their own life in it. 

"Oh my gosh I just finished reading your book and it is everything I knew it would be. I feel like I can take on the world now, your words so inspired me! I am no longer going to let fear rule my world, I'm going to grab it by the ass and start taking names. :) Oops got a little over excited there. Fantastic job Maria, you are a true God send to us all and I can't thank you enough. I am going to start journaling my crap and desires and am sure with baby steps I will arrive on the other side. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! <3"


"The e-book is amazing. I started to watch Steven Aitchison and after Maria. I feel than I am alive again, I believe in myself again. Maria is doing so good job giving hope to many people. Helped me with my anxietys and low confidence and purpose in my life. Love your work Maria. Keep going. You saved my life, and probably many more. So appriciate for what you doing. Thank you so much "


"Love, love, love it! Inspiring to say the very least. Your book motivates me to be more active as well as accountable or my own life and happiness. It has ignited my thoughts so much I feel like "I got this". "I feel like I can be my best me." I am pumped up and excited about life......thank you.⚘"


"Your book is truly inspiring and amazing to me. Your book will always have a place in my heart. I'm already taking action in implementing many things that I have learned from reading it twice. Haha Thank you so much and god bless Maria. "


"Maria's ebook, Funk to Freedom, is packed with incredible insight, information, tools, techniques, wisdom, awesome stories and value; tons of value! In 31 pages, Maria manages to take you on a journey of healing, exploration and spirit. This book is filled with the knowledge you can absorb and immediately apply to make significant, positive changes in your life RIGHT NOW. It doesn't take a month to read and an accompanying workbook to figure it all out. Maria gives you the best way to start your journey to a better life immediately, with all her love and encouragement cheering you on! The best part, her technique works for any improvement or change you want to make in your life; this is a book you'll refer to again and again. I hope she writes more books soon, people really need this kind of easy to apply, authentic approach to personal development! LOVED IT!"


"Once I started to read your book, I couldn’t put it down. Your transformation is incredible!!! Congratulations! The way you write about your own experiences, sort of made me feel that anything is possible... It’s a very inspirational reading and because of your honesty it comes across very real. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. I absolutely love your book! You are a blessing for many. Thank you Maria and wishing you all the very best! "


"Well done! Straight from the heart. Your transformation is incredible. Be proud of your hard work and your ability to share so openly with the world. Much love & many blessings. Xoxo "


"Oh, I'm only a few pages in and had to come and leave some feedback. Open, honest and awakening Maria. Thank you so much for putting this into such a great take away. <3"


"I absolutely loved the book!! I spent years confused and everywhere I looked to find the answers to the burning questions I had I came up empty until last night. I got your book and couldn't stop reading until the end. I now am up this morning with purpose in my life! It feels so good to face the world with meaning and knowing now what I've felt in my gut for years, I am destined for such great things because of all the trauma in my life. I heard a voice that said you didn't go through that for nothing, so now I am ready to help others starting today! Thank you for writing this book! I am truly great full!"


"Maria, you have written an amazing ebook that is going to benefit so many other people in the world. You laid yourself bare and not many people have the confidence and inner power to do that. thank you for a beautiful gift <3"


"I have your ebook. Love love it. Thank you for your beautiful loving light."


"As a follower for a long time I already downloaded your great ebook and read it more than once! "


"I watch and you have changed my life!!! Funk to Freedom is an awesome read THANK YOU"


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