Maria Flynn is an entrepreneur, mentor, writer and creator of, a digital magazine helping self-motivated and high-achieving individuals learn from trusted coaches, teachers, and healers. 

She is also the co-founder of Mojo Mastery an online coaching program and the Operations Manager for Steven Aitchison's Your Digital Formula, teaching coaches of all disciplines to grow their online influence—creating a movement to help raise the consciousness of the world and grow their individual business.

With over 268K Facebook followers and a daily Facebook LIVE show reaching over 50,000 people weekly, Maria has fostered a dedicated fanbase spanning the globe. 

Maria’s finesse to utilize social media to build online tribes and authentic connections has helped her reach the hearts and minds of successful online entrepreneurs and leaders in the personal development industry, and self-motivated individuals to take solid actions to connect, network and experience growth on all levels from personal to professional.

Social media is a powerful tool for coaches to grow their business and change the world.

Maria Flynn is doing important and amazing work, by creating a dialogue online that helps others as well as champion other voices to be heard. She is one of the most authentic and kind hearted people I know. She's an outstanding example of someone doing something good on the internet

John Kim
Therapist / Life Coach,
Author, Speaker

Maria Flynn is a heart-centered power-house who is organically changing the lives of millions of people through her wisdom, insights, experience, expertise and generosity of giving and sharing. She lovingly champions others to find and share their voice and message—all with the intention of creating the greater good for everyone she is connected with. She is an extraordinary role model for what life can be and what is possible!

Lauren Jawno
Ultimate High Performance Coach™, Author, Speaker

“…a talented communicator and knows exactly how to speak to others in a caring, considerate way and in a way that gets the best out of them. Maria is a great speaker and lover of ideas and she is making a difference in the world as a thought leader as she grows her heart centered business at OWL. My business would look very different without Maria there.

Steven Aitchison
Online Engagement Expert, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker


High-Level and Heart-Centered Coaches and Influencers dedicated to their work and serving others.  They write for OWL and appear on Maria's Facebook LIVE show sharing their message and special offers to the OWL Tribe.

Highly Inspired and Motivated Women and Men who have flipped the switch from numbing out on social media to actively creating a life by design NOT by default and who confidently invest in themselves knowing that when they're empowered, so then they can empower others—helping to change the world one conversation at a time.

Savvy entrepreneurs who understand that social media (specifically Facebook) is the launching space for building communities, serving others, and growing their heart-centered business exponentially.


OWL MAGAZINE is more than an online magazine, it's a TRUSTED RESOURCE.  Maria brought together some of the most trusted coaches in Personal Development covering all areas of life including Spirituality, Relationships, Health and Wellness, Conscious Parenting, Lifestyle, Mindset and Entrepreneurship.  The coaches and writers for OWL understand the power of social media and are willing to grow their own positive influence online and share their strategies and tips with the OWL community.  

Over 100K views per month, has become the trusted go-to resource for Maria's growing fanbase to explore more about themselves and the world around them.  The inspiration and the real value shared by the coaches who write for OWL makes Maria's audience hungry for more growth—helping them feel good about investing in coaches and to actively create an inspired and thriving quality of life they enjoy.

Everything surrounding OWL is designed with WIN-WIN in mind (for the coaches and the each reader).



Airs Mondays 9:30am EST.  With nearly 30K views per week, the daily show has brought together a fanbase who lovingly call themselves The OWL Good Vibe Tribe.  They connect each morning listening to Maria's power-packed 30 minute show, actively engage, share, and welcome every new viewer with open arms.

The LIVE Show is highly valued (and who's fans are regular viewers) and garnered a tribe who wanted more.  Because Maria's audience was experiencing real and positive changes in their lives just from watching, requests for more arrived almost daily (for coaching, programs and books). 



The little ebook that made dreams come true.  By November 2016, Funk To Freedom: The One Exercise That Changed My Life Forever was written by Maria and given away to her fans for free. Timeless, this ebook continues to be the #1 download to date.

Funk To Freedom demanded it’s own Facebook Group where the readers of the ebook could gather and connect.  This tribe truly values and nurtures a growth mindset.  Group members actively support each other to keep GOing and keep GROWing.  This HIGH ENERGY group of individuals invest their time, energy, and resources to keep the group supportive, active, and engaged. 



LESS CRAP—MORE JOY.   Do you love the Law of Attraction but you're still living a mediocre life? Experience my signature 3-Week Intensive ABUNDANCE Bootcamp and find out exactly what's missing.  No fluff.  No fillers.  You'll shift from ABUNDANCE BLOCK to ABUNDANCE FLOW! 


"Love, love, love it! Inspiring to say the very least. Your book motivates me to be more active as well as accountable or my own life and happiness. It has ignited my thoughts so much I feel like "I got this". "I feel like I can be my best me." I am pumped up and excited about life......thank you.⚘"

Donna B

"Maria's ebook, Funk to Freedom, is packed with incredible insight, information, tools, techniques, wisdom, awesome stories and value; tons of value! In 31 pages, Maria manages to take you on a journey of healing, exploration and spirit. "

Gina S.

"Well done! Straight from the heart. Your transformation is incredible. Be proud of your hard work and your ability to share so openly with the world. Much love & many blessings. Xoxo"

Melissa C.

"Oh, I'm only a few pages in and had to come and leave some feedback. Open, honest and awakening Maria. Thank you so much for putting this into such a great take away. <3"

Amanda F.

"I absolutely loved the book!! I spent years confused and everywhere I looked to find the answers to the burning questions I had I came up empty until last night. I got your book and couldn't stop reading until the end. I now am up this morning with purpose in my life! It feels so good to face the world with meaning and knowing now what I've felt in my gut for years, I am destined for such great things because of all the trauma in my life. I heard a voice that said you didn't go through that for nothing, so now I am ready to help others starting today! Thank you for writing this book! I am truly great full!"

Becky R.

"Oh my gosh I just finished reading your book and it is everything I knew it would be. I feel like I can take on the world now, your words so inspired me! I am no longer going to let fear rule my world, I'm going to grab it by the ass and start taking names. :) Oops got a little over excited there. Fantastic job Maria, you are a true God send to us all and I can't thank you enough. I am going to start journaling my crap and desires and am sure with baby steps I will arrive on the other side. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! <3"

Tami H.

"The e-book is amazing. I started to wacht Steven Atchison and after Maria. I feel than I am alive again, I believe in myself again. Maria is doing so good job giving hope to many people. Helped me with my anxietys and low confidence and purpose in my life. Love your work Maria. Keep going. You saved my life, and probably many more. So appriciate for what you doing. Thank you so much "

Monika J.

"Your book is truly inspiring and amazing to me. Your book will always have a place in my heart. I'm already taking action in implementing many things that I have learned from reading it twice. Haha Thank you so much and god bless Maria."

Michael D.

"Once I started to read your book, I couldn’t put it down. Your transformation is incredible!!! Congratulations! The way you write about your own experiences, sort of made me feel that anything is possible... It’s a very inspirational reading and because of your honesty it comes across very real. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. I absolutely love your book! You are a blessing for many. Thank you Maria and wishing you all the very best! "

Renata R.

"Maria, you have written an amazing ebook that is going to benefit so many other people in the world. You laid yourself bare and not many people have the confidence and inner power to do that. Thank you for a beautiful gift <3"

Steven A.

"I thought I already posted this but I don't see it so... I have several gurus I listen to you and Steven being two. I went ahead and downloaded your book could not stop reading it... You have made me smile and shake my head knowing I so relate to so many things. Sad part I'm 61+ and just learning who I am and learning to be my authentic self. What's good I'm still above ground and have my health I feel it's never to late to start living instead of surviving. Your book will just help me continue my journey Thank you!!! Anyone should take this opportunity to download this very well written inspiring book. I had to laugh when I read you are not a coach, or doctor. Through my life I have found experience is the best teacher. By the way I learned years ago after you teach/train someone (in my case it was co-workers) get them to train you like you don't know... You will find out one of two things either they didn't understand and won't ask questions because they think they are dumb (which I've always told them there was never a dumb question) or you will realize they understand what you taught them. However beware when you tell someone there are not any dumb questions you will have a few smarty pants that will ask. The way I handle that is don't make a big deal out of it and just answer them they will get tired of asking when you don't react. Just saying. Thank you Maria Flynn for all that you do."

Gin B.

"Have now read your book AT LAST it is so great and so open far reaching honest need to re-read to absorb it all Defunking my life each day THANK YOU MARIA"

Fiona C.

"Maria Flynn is a woman on a mission, and she can help you get whatever you need! She is resourceful, connected, beyond kind and giving, and someone who brings energy and positivity into the room even when she's not there. You feel her energy and her presence by knowing she's involved in something or seeing her actions and results in motion! After meeting Maria at a mastermind event of our mutual friend and peer, Steven Aitchison, I have been so inspired by the energy this wonderful person exudes into everything she does. She's also humble, and able to laugh at herself, which is a great quality to possess. Her reputation is so positive that you can't help but want to work with her, partner with her or hire her for her amazing services. I heartily recommend Maria and her work. She's a gem and she'll never let you down!"

Farnoosh B.



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